A Simple Life

by Steve Anthony

Released 2019
Released 2019
This album is old-time country , telling tales of yearning, heartbreak, love, family , friends, good times and bad, and delivering those stories in an unmistakable down home sound.
Growing up in Texas meant going out to dance halls on Friday and Saturday night. This is where I cut my teeth learning how to play in front of audiences singing old country classics and new ones as well. If they could not dance or move to your music you did get too far so I learned early on what worked and what did not work. There were many friendships and bonds formed and also some loves lost. Taking from these experiences led me to write songs about those loves and heartbreaks. Good times and bad times and surviving through it all. I have been inspired all my life to write stories about these times and looking back on them and remembering. God has led me down many paths during my life and I am proud to pass these stories on to you through my music. He is always the one in control and I am following where he leads me. I trust he leads me to you. I hope you enjoy "A Simple Life"

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