Steve Anthony



Steve Anthony Singer/Songwriter resides in Caldwell, Texas. Plays guitar, fiddle, mandolin. Steve has been playing guitar and singing since he was ten years old and started first band at 15.  Playing dancehalls, bars, and honkytonks is lifelong for Steve. His Music Career has taken him all over the United States and toured in South America. Gained notoriety as a songwriter while playing and singing with the Country Act Southern Comfort. Toured with and played guitar for David Kersh and Johnny Bush.  After many years out of the business and singing only in church Steve decided to start writing songs again and this has led to the recording and release of his new Country Music Album “A Simple Life”.  The album contains songs of love, heartbreak, yearning, and good times.  The song Here’s to You Here’s to Me was written in Langtry, Texas. If you have been there you know how bright the stars and the moonlight up the night sky. He grabbed his guitar and headed over to a neighbor’s house about ½ mile away for a night of fun and fellowship. Singing old honkytonk songs in his work shed reminds you of many taverns anywhere in Texas and so the song was created through friendship.

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